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cPanel login Screen

New cPanel user login screen

If your host used cPanel as their hosting software of choice, you’re in luck. Setting up a basic Drupal CMS website is a snap. Drupal Install Using cPanel and Fantastico / QuickInstall:

  1. Install Drupal via the Fantastico or QuickInstall Interface. Follow the directions, enter admin email address, etc. You should generally try and install the software in the website root folder as opposed to installing it in a sub-directory.
  2. Enable php.ini ez-config
  3. Turn off “register_globals”
  4. Save Changes
  5. Login to the Drupal Install using the username and password created when installing Drupal
  6. In admin/reports/status click the “run cron” link in the Drupal Core update status section (should be yellow background)
  7. If there are updates to the Drupal Core files, it is recommended that you download and install them. Make sure to check to make sure that Fantastico isn’t already going to be updated.
  8. Turn on any optional core modules you might want (i.e.: Blog, Book, Contact, Path, PHP Filter, Search, etc.)
  9. Create two folders in the /sites/all folder: “modules” and “themes”. This is where you would copy any modules and custom themes.
  10. Here are a few great modules that you should consider installing:
    • admin_menu (administration menu)
    • advanced_help
    • backup
    • cck
    • ctools (chaos tools)
    • ddblock
    • filefield
    • imageapi
    • imagefield
    • jquery_update
    • panels
    • swftools (flash)
    • views
    • views_slideshow
  11. Once the mods are installed, check for updates for the mods as well as permission settings for anonymous users and authenticated users.
  12. ¬†Create a new user role called “admin” in admin/user/roles. Set the permissions accordingly. You can also create other user roles tailored to the site, (i.e. blogger, sales, etc..)
That’s pretty much it. Not quite as simple as a WordPress install but for the sheer power of Drupal, not nearly as complex as most people think.



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